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     These are just a few of the concepts that have helped Sunshine Pools, Inc. become one of the premier builders
in the Southwest since 1978.  Upon receiving his architectural degree from the University of Texas in 1978, Sunshine 
Pools Founder and CEO, Randy Davidoff, set out to create architecturally engineered pools that set the pace for design
innovations.  Since then, Sunshine Pools has evolved tremendously, yet one thing has remained constant... our
commitment to excellence.

     Over the past four decades, the once small pool company has grown by leaps and bounds expanding into a 
multitude of services.  The development of a team of well-trained and experienced professionals allows Sunshine 
Pools, Inc. to provide our clients with the ultimate building experience.  We are committed to satisfying the unique 
desires of every one of our customers.  The results of these efforts have helped Sunshine Pools establish a client 
base that includes some of Houston's most prominent citizens.

     In addition to specializing in the creation of unique and exquisite masterpieces of landscape architecture, we 
also appreciate the simplistic beauty of the classic swimming pool.  Whether you wish to have a swimming pool that
pushes the envelope of creativity, or one that portrays traditional elegance, Sunshine Pools will continue to maintain
its original philosophy: Perfection precedes production.